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Methodologies that can help you moving leads down the Sales Funnel ‘Quickly’


In this first step, marketers should focus on capturing their leads’ attention with content that will inform, entertain, or inspire them. They should generate awareness and familiarity with their brand to build trust.


This is the place to begin building a slight deeper relationship with prospective clients; marketers should know something about their leads by this point and can use this knowledge to drive further interest by providing relevant information about challenges they face, and solutions they can find with your brand’s products or services.


At this stage, leads are aware of your brand and what it can do for them but have not planned either way. The type of content which should be distributed at this step to drive positive actions include case studies, product comparisons, testimonials, pricing pages, and discount or promotional offers.


You may also want to set up meetings with SDRs to iron out any concerns they may have about your product or service. Examples of content at this stage include webinars, events, discounted offers and bundled packages.”


Now is the time to seal the deal. Book an appointment with the lead to address any final points and sign a contract. But remember, this is not the end. After a lead becomes a client, companies must continue to nurture them with relevant content and superb customer service. Content to leads which have already become clients include referral programs, upsell campaigns, and re-engagement email campaigns.


The key to progressing leads down the sales funnel quickly is in understanding them. Knowing their pain points, expectations, and limitations will help your business position itself more effectively in the market. Familiarity with buyer personas helps brands establish better ways to engage—and ultimately drives increased awareness and relevance. Using this method you can have a detailed examination of leads atthe early stage, helps in understanding your content is relevant from one step to the next.

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